Adjustable Emergency Portable Suction Unit Surgical Medical Device

Adjustable Emergency Portable Suction Unit Surgical Medical Device

Adjustable Emergency Portable Suction Unit Surgical Medical Device


Model: DFX-23B.I

Technical Specifications Of Sputum Suction Device:
Negative pressure: ≤-0.09Mpa(680mmHg)
Air pumping efficiency: ≥20L/min
Capacity of liquid vessel: 1000ml
Range of negative pressure regulation: -0.013MPa~-0.09Mpa(680mmHg)
Power supply: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Input power: 150VA
Pump structure: oil-free self-lubricated pump
Work mode: intermittent load continuous operation
Negative pressure:≥0.09Mpa(680mmHg)

Air pumping efficiency:≥20L/min

Capacity of liquid vessel:1000ml

Range of negative pressure:0.013MPa~0.09Mpa(680mmHg)

Power supply:AC220V±10% 50Hz DC 12V

Input power:150VA

Pump structure:oil-free self-lubricated pump


Work mode:intermittent load continuous operation


1.Get all the rubber pipes and interfaces connected as per the illustration (the pipes need to be sterilized).
2.Turn on the power switch ⑤ on the panel and the power indicator ⑥ will be on. The pump will start working (the pump working can be heard). When the interface ① is pressed, the negative pressure meter ④ shall indicate negative pressure.
3.For adjusting the negative pressure, its necessary to block the interface ① with finger and turn the negative pressure regulating knob ⑧ with negative pressure up when the knob turned counter clockwise, and down when clockwise.
Attention shall be paid to the level of liquid in the vessel during use. When the liquid level is approaching the overflow valve, suction shall suspend till the vessel is emptied and washed clean. Otherwise, the overflow valve will close and the suction will have to stop.
In this apparatus, power supply from electric grid, interior batteries and lighter plug is adopted.
(1) Power from electric grid: put plug ⑨ AC220V power supply into the outlet of AC220V electric grid, and the power indicator ⑥ will be on. Turn on the power switch ⑤ when suction is required. At the same time, the 12V accumulator will be charged; and when the battery is full, the charging indicator ⑦ will be on.
(2) Battery: When a power failure occurred, the control section of the apparatus will switch to power supply from battery automatically. The battery will be able to work for
about 1 hour when it is full. (When the voltage declines, the power indicator will flash. At this time, some other power supply or emergency means shall be considered.) The battery shall be charged after use. Normally, the time for charging is 4~5 hours.
(3) Vehicle cigar lighter: Fitted on the apparatus are plug and wires and socket for connection. Plug the input end of the plug wire into the socket, and the indicator on the plug will be on; the apparatus will start service.

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